Chesapeake Beach Railway in 1911

Originally from: Letters from Linden
Date: March 2010

“It is expected that the Chesapeake Beach Railway will be electrified, and extended to Drum Point, Md., as soon as the executors of the estate of David H. Moffatt, owner of the road, who died on Saturday [March 18th], have an opportunity to examine the will. Drum Point is at the mouth of the Patuxent River, at the extreme southern end of Calvert county, on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay. Mr. Moffatt, it is understood, contemplated making the extension, and substituting electric motors for steam engines. The reading of the will, in Denver, Colo., is being awaited by Washington and Baltimore men financially interested in the road. Paul Y. Waters, general manager of the road, said yesterday that Edward Lauterbach, of New York, owner of a right of way from Drum Point to the Chesapeake Beach line, and Mr. Moffat had considered extending the line before the death of the latter. . . .  To equip the railroad with facilities for electrical operations will cost between $300,000 and $400,000. To make the proposed extension will cost about $200,000.”

SOURCE: The Washington Post, Mar 21st, 1911.


About calverthistory

The Calvert County Historical Society, Inc. was founded in 1953 by a small group of concerned Calvert County residents. On May 5, 1954, articles of incorporation were made part of the public record which stated that the main purpose of the Society was to further the collection of historical data and records concerned with Calvert County and other materials bearing on the history of the State and Nation, including private letters, documents, manuscripts, early events and acts as recorded in structures and works of public and private nature. From a newly established Headquarters Room on site at Linden, visitors can find a wealth of valuable early county history. Gifts to the Society over the years have been varied and interesting, and have made important contributions to the understanding of the uniqueness and richness of the County's history. The research library continues to grow in volume and diversity. Family papers describing first person accounts of historical events, wills, family Bibles, original manuscripts, photographs, published histories and a growing video library are but a small part of the collection. Portraits, pieces of furniture and artifacts have also been entrusted to the Society's care. Beyond the collections, the Society's broad mission included establishing a roadside marker program as early as 1956. The first committee found only three historical markers placed by the State Roads Commission. Today, there are twenty nine and the effort continues. A primary goal of the Society was the publishing of a History of Calvert County. In April of 1959, Charles F. Stein presented his manuscript for review and acceptance. A second edition was published as a bicentennial project. (1977)
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